Lake Eau Claire Emergency Warning Siren...coming soon

The impact of severe weather on residents, businesses, and visitors of Lake Eau Claire has become increasingly noticeable. As the use of the lake and surrounding water shed increases, so does the demand for safety. The Lake Eau Claire area was recently described as a “dead spot” for emergency warning systems in Eau Claire County.  

My name is Lauren Lea and I am a lifelong resident of Lake Eau Claire. I am a Senior Girl Scout with Troop 3297 in Augusta, Wisconsin, and am working toward earning my Girl Scout Gold Award.  To earn this award, a Girl Scout must complete a project that will have a lasting impact on her community.

I have elected to install an emergency siren on Lake Eau Claire to earn my Gold Award. The installation of a severe weather siren on the lake will assist homeowners, businesses, and visitors in preparing for and responding to a severe weather threat.

I am working with the Lake Eau Claire Rehabilitation District, Lake Eau Claire Association, the Towns of Bridge Creek and Ludington, the Eau Claire County Board, the Eau Claire County Emergency Management Division, and the USDA to secure funding for the project. I am also working with several Lake Eau Claire homeowners to launch this project.

Once funding is secured, the siren will be installed and owned by the township in which it resides and will be managed (activated) by the Eau Claire County Emergency Management Division. I hope to have the siren installed in late 2016 or early 2017. 

A group of private residents have already committed $1000 donations to the project. They are asking that you help by matching their gift.  Donations to this project are tax deductible. My fundraising goal is $25,000. If you have a business that would like to support the project in some other way besides a monetary donation, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss. 

Lauren Lea

(715) 590-3179

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E21680 County Road SD

Augusta, WI 54722

Make checks payable to:

Lake Eau Claire Rehabilitation

District Siren Fund

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Make checks payable to:

Lake Eau Claire Rehabilitation District Siren Fund

Mail to: Lauren Lea

E21680 County Road SD Augusta, WI 54722

Donation Levels

àDiamond—$5,000 or more

àPlatinum—$1,000 -$4,999

àGold—$500 - $999

àSilver—$250 - $499

àBronze—$100 - $249

àFriends—Up to $99

Amount I would like to donate:

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Emergency Siren Information

  • The siren will sound when a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the area
  • Get indoors and take shelter
  • If on the water, get to shore and secure your watercraft
  • Turn on a local radio or television news station if possible
  • Stay away from tall trees, windows and metal structures
  • Siren will sound monthly for tests

Have an emergency weather plan for your home