Lake Eau Claire Management Plan

Over the past 20 years a growing concern has developed among the Lake Eau Claire (LEC) community that some of the valued environmental characteristics of the lake have declined. In general, concerns have been raised about declining water quality, dramatic sedimentation increases in some areas of the lake and river system, and declining fisheries habitat and the fishery itself. These concerns led the LEC Association to seek guidance from Eau Claire County Government and the WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Interactions between these three organizations have led to a series of scientific and engineering studies on LEC that have provided valuable insight on details on the perceived existing problems and potential solutions to their resolution. The perceived problems were further validated by conducting a public survey in the Spring of 2009 which helped to establish the priorities for developing a strategic management for LEC. Using the results of the public survey and the preceding 15 or so years of scientific and engineering results a steering committee was convened to assess this information and develop a list of goals and objectives for the management plan. The steering committee was made up of the LEC Board members, officials from Eau Claire County government and WI DNR, and representatives from local government, sportsman's clubs, local businesses, and other near-by lake associations. This board met five times between July 2009 and January 2010 and at each meeting addressed different management plan subject areas (i.e. water quality, fisheries, habitat, erosion and sedimentation, invasive species control, and recreation). The culmination of this overall effort led to The Lake Claire Management Plan, which lays out a long term plan for addressing the identified and prioritized problems.

The following documents provide information on the various studies and the reports that have resulted in the course of developing this comprehensive management plan for LEC:

LEC Management Plan Permits

Notice of Permit Applications

  1. Notice of Pending Application Aeration System
  2. Notice of Pending Application Sediment Traps

Approved Permits

  1. Aeration System
  2. Sedimentation Trap

ACOE 1998 Report on LEC Water Quality Study.
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Freihoefer, A. and P. McGinley. 2009. Phosphorus Loading Model for Lake Eau Claire and Lake Altoona. Center for Watershed Science and Education Report.
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1997 Ayres Sediment Reduction Plan, Ayres Associates, Eau Claire, WI.
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2009 ACOE Water Quality Siphoning Model Final Report.
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Results of the 2009 Community Survey of local residents and users of the LEC resources.
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List of goals and objectives arising from 2009/10 community Steering Committee meetings.
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LEC Management Plan 2012 Draft_RZ10. Click here to Download

LEC Sociological 2009 Survey Report. Click here to Download

Dr. Rod Zika Professional Resume. Click here to Download