LEC Protection & Rehabilitation District Information

The Lake Eau Claire Protection and Rehabilitation District was formed in 2013 and held its first annual public meeting on August 17, 2013.  The purpose of the District is to work to protect the lakes ecology, enhance the natural scenic beauty, minimize invasive species, protect the fisheries, control sediment transport into the lake, and provide for safe boating, swimming, fishing, and other recreational opportunities.  A publicly elected Lake District Board of Commissioners is responsible for the governance of the Lake District and carries out those activities as authorized at the annual meeting or arranged special meetings.  The primary responsibilities of the Board are to define the scope and oversee the projects as defined in the Lake Management Plan and establish the annual budget to conduct the defined projects.  Final decisions on these responsibilities are approved by public vote at the annual meeting in August of each year. The duties and rules governing the District's operation are defined in more detail in its bylaws.