The Lake Association wanted to send a reminder that election day is Tuesday, April 6th in the Town of Bridge Creek. The positions and those running are listed below. Please get out and vote. Great things are happening in the Township and with Lake Eau Claire and we appreciate your support!

Town Chairperson

Ricky Strauch (Incumbent)

Jayson Kaeding

Town Supervisor #1

Patrick Bethke (Incumbent)

Dale Kirchoff

Town Supervisor #2

Bruce Logterman (Incumbent)

Jeffrey Gerike

Town Clerk

Kathy Olson

Town Treasurer

Dawn Werlein

Hello Town of Bridge Creek voters,

The agenda will include nomination of three supervisor candidates, a treasurer, and a clerk  from the floor, which may result in an immediate run off if more than two candidates for each position are nominated.  Three supervisor incumbents (Rick Strauch, Pete Bethke, and Bruce Logterman) are up for reelection. These candidates have worked to support efforts on Lake Eau Claire and the creation of a comprehensive plan, and are willing to run again if they make it through the nominations. They are looking for additional support as they do expect to have challenges to their candidacy in an effort to unseat them at this caucus meeting.

Please consider attending and supporting the nomination of the all the incumbents, including Rick, Pete, and Bruce, who regularly support Lake Eau Claire initiatives. We appreciate your support and concern for the Township and for Lake Eau Claire.

Town Chairperson Ricky Strauch

Town Supervisor #1 Patrick Bethke

Town Supervisor #2 Bruce Logterman

Town Clerk Kathy Olson

Town Treasurer Dawn Werlein

(The nominated candidates will be placed on the ballot for voting at the April 6, 2021 Spring Election)

Town of Bridge Creek Caucus Meeting

Saturday, January 9, 2021


Location: Town of Bridge Creek Hall

S9515 State Road 27

Augusta, WI 54722

4th of July celebration!

Now that the high water is behind us, let’s talk about the 4th of July! Yes, Friends of Lake Eau Claire is still holding our annual fireworks show. It will be on Saturday, July 4th. We are so excited about this year’s display because it will be our biggest one yet. If you recall, the fireworks show is paid for completely by donations from all of you. In 2019 we collected $4,500 in donations, thank you so much!

Along with the fireworks show, the annual boat parade hosted by The Pirates is scheduled to happen as well. There isn’t a theme for the boat parade as a whole.  Entrants are encouraged to develop their own individual themes for their boats or pontoons and imagination is the limit!  The Pirates — or the aging remnants — encourage ALL to enter and join in the fun!  4 o’clock on the 4th!!  Be there!

Captains: Howell Davis (Chris Nelson) and Capt. Blackbeard (Mike O’Connor) — will be hosting the event!

Now remember, if you want the 2021 fireworks show to continue and be spectacular, donate now! All donations collected in 2020 will be put towards next year’s show.

Please be advised that we received word from Tom Mayer at the Lake Eau Claire dam that the lake is rising. The park received approximately 3.15 inches of rain thus far and the gates are wide open. Mead Lake in Clark County received 2 plus inches and currently has 3 of their gates wide open. Their levels affect us. We have absolutely no prediction of a crest at this time.

Please be aware that the lake is on the rise so if you have items that need to be secured, you may want to do that soon.


Friends of Lake Eau Claire

When:  Saturday, January 11, 2020

Where: Augusta Lion’s Hall, downtown Augusta

Time:  Social Hour:  5:00 – 6:30pm  --  Dinner:  6:30pm  -- Short Program/Prizes: 7:30pm

Cost:  $20 per person, payable at the event

Our next scheduled fish crib building and installation date is set for Saturday, September 14th at the North boat landing at 8 am.


We need workers - Bring work gloves, work boots, a good hat, some tools if you have them. Bring a life jacket if you want to go out on one of the two pontoons to push cribs into the water, but this work is heavy lifting. Helpers who go out on the pontoons need to sign a waiver before they go.

We need branches - Do you plan to cut some pine branches or hardwood branches soon? Well, we need them. We take all kinds but prefer 1 to 2-inch diameter branches 6 to 8 feet long. Instead of burning them, just drop them off at the northeast corner of the North Boat Landing before Sept. 14th.

If you can help, please contact us here

Thank you to all of the volunteers & organizers!

Lake Eau Claire Emergency Warning Siren...coming soon

The impact of severe weather on residents, businesses, and visitors of Lake Eau Claire has become increasingly noticeable. As the use of the lake and surrounding water shed increases, so does the demand for safety. The Lake Eau Claire area was recently described as a “dead spot” for emergency warning systems in Eau Claire County.  

Happy Friday!

This is the weekend of the Friends of Lake Eau Claire Annual Picnic and Meeting! I’m hoping this is our best attended picnic yet! Below is the information and the meeting agenda. I’m also excited to mention that Tom Mayer, the Lake Eau Claire Dam Manager, will be speaking/doing a question and answer session at the end of the meeting. I receive a lot of questions about high water so this is the time to ask your questions!

If you have new neighbors, invite them to the picnic! I hope to see you there.

WHAT: Friends of Lake Eau Claire Annual Meeting & Picnic

WHERE: Lake Eau Claire County Park/Clubhouse on SD

WHEN: Saturday, August 17th – 4PM Social Hour and 5PM Dinner/Meeting

COST: $10 Adults and $5 for Children ages 5-12

FREE BEER: Donated by Pam & Todd Hanson

MENU: Pulled pork, Potato Salad, Fruit, Ice Cream, Water, Pop, Beer

Lake Eau Claire Association Annual Meeting


August 17, 2019

  1. Call to order
  2. Review and approval of minutes from August 18, 2018 annual meeting
  3. Review and approval of Treasurer’s Report
  4. Review of annual audit of financials
  5. Introduction to the current 2018-2019 board of director members (12)
  6. President’s Report
  7. President’s Award
  8. Bylaw revision, discussion, vote
  9. Election of new board of director members –
  10. Speaker – Question/Answer session by Tom Mayer, Lake Eau Claire Dam Manager
  11. Other Business:
  1. Adjourn

The Lake Eau Claire Association is now on Facebook.

lakeeauclaire facebook fish

To stay up-to-date on what’s happening at or around Lake Eau Claire, “Like” their Facebook page.