Fisheries Program

The Lake Eau Claire Association offers the opportunity to install legally permitted anchored tree falls or modified half-log structures as fish habitat in Lake Eau Claire. These structures are for the purpose of improving the quality and quantity of fish habitat within the lake. This increase in fish habitat will improve the lake's fisheries and other wildlife populations.

Any riparian owner can request the installation of either an anchored tree fall or half-log structure by completing and submitting this form. The request must first be authorized by the Lake Association Board and then approved and scheduled for installation by the LEC Management Plan Project Officer, DNR, and Parks and Forestry Service. The guidelines for installations are provided in the LEC 2014 Management Plan on the LEC website and the DNR website.

There is no charge for this service if you are a LEC Association member in good standing. Riparian owners who are not Association members are also eligible, but will have to pay part of the material and installation costs.


download-icon LEC Fish Habitat Authorization Form